Using X-rays normal Spectroscopy


using X-rays normal spectroscopy
using X-rays normal spectroscopy


Using the most modern techniques the painting was examined using X-rays normal spectroscopy ultraviolet and infrared pictures among other techniques to uncover the secrets rewa call and predicates overnight you beauty compatible with the most accepted theory is based on the biography of Georgia Basa re according to him The portrait to fix the nation the place in 15 l 3 this contradicts and electronic land 10 years to be actors from 15173 and already been commissioned by Julian just like the 2 Chronicles

contemporary and other colors also have divergent theories historian from Florence believes the officially recognized that the painting depicts lizard thunder everyday sleep around 15 years re Econo kho the biographies many Italian artists his work is an architect sorry documented the biographies of great Italian artist today please make up for the most important foundations of our history with a deputy

architect TB Tori Tori Italiani was first published in 1558 in 1568 today the original manuscripts are housed in a fit c library sorry sorry just a few pages down his whole life story mention the Lena main to The portrait of Monalisa for Francesca condo husband and it’s in the possession looking from first France $11 4S and automatically left unfinished please words get the painting its name Monalisa who

was this Monalisa of whom was sorry and whose husband Francesco del just was it so much you are a quiet somewhere but wasn’t on the floor Sicily he was a businessman is it really possible the renowned painter like Leonardo businessman Francesco del to gonda and his wife crime the Maxim society universe wale I have yet to find customer ID description when our customers about Cancer woman with her friends who works hard and has the personality.

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