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How to activate the radio as an alarm clock on iPhone or Android smartphone

If you’re tired of waking up to the same alarm every day, rediscover the joys of morning radio. We explain how to do it from your smartphone (yes, even on iPhone!)

Before the advent of smartphones, there was an object now relegated to the farthest reaches of history: the clock radio. As the name suggests, its one and only purpose was to wake you up with… the radio. A function that can be found on our smartphones without too many problems.

Here’s how to wake up to the radio on your iPhone or Android smartphone.

Wake up a radio on Android – TuneIn Radio

The Google operating system being relatively open, many radio listening applications offer alarm clock functions. We will therefore detail the procedure with the TuneIn Radio application which offers many stations at your fingertips.

First, download the app from the Play Store if you haven’t already. Go to the app Play Store, tap the search box at the top, type “TuneIn Radio” and then click Installer on the application form. Then, open it and search for the station of your choice then launch it (by default, the app will present you the most popular stations in your area).

Then click on the Menu button (the three horizontal dots at the bottom right) and select Set alarm. Then choose the duration of reading, the rhythm (daily, weekly…) and the time of your alarm then press on Validate.

The TuneIn Radio application has a native alarm clock feature // Source: Screenshot

That’s all, nothing more to do, if all goes well your phone should launch the chosen station all by itself at the desired time.

Wake up a radio on iOS (iPhone, iPad) with the Shortcuts app

At Apple, it is almost impossible for an application to launch on its own at a given time. To overcome this big lack, there is however a solution, which we have tested and approved.

The iPhone mobile operating system has been offering an application for some time Shortcuts that allows you to create automations. This is what you are going to use. Follow the guide !

First of all, launch the application Music, go to the tab Radio and look for the section Local radios then select the one you want (you can stop it immediately after).

Source: Screenshot

Then launch the application Shortcuts on your iPhone, then select the tab Automating. Create a new routine with the + button at the top right, then Create a personal automation. Then select Time of day then specify your wake-up time on the screen of your choice. Also specify if you want to start this routine Everyday or only some (via the option All the weeks) then do following.

Source: Screenshot

From there, press Add action and you should see under Suggestions your radio is displayed. If not, go to Apps, then Music and at the bottom of the list you should find your station under Play music. Select your radio then press Following, then on the next screen disable the option Ask before to execute otherwise the radio will not start on its own.

Finally, press OK and it’s good, your alarm clock is ready!

Source: Screenshot
Source: Screenshot

Note that you can specify the volume of your alarm by adding one more step to your automation. Before adding the Music action as explained previously, click on Add action then in the section Average, seek Adjust volume then tap on it. Press the 50 % which is displayed by default and adjust the volume using the strip that is displayed. Then press the button + then finish adding the Music action as explained in the previous paragraph.

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