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Your ability to resist these kinds

Your ability to resist these kinds of attacks on your life will be greatly enhanced.    You must take great care  About water because it is 72%    If you do this you will see  Half of your health problems    The minimum will be fifty percent  Leave in six weeks.    Super: Important health advice during Covid-19


1 Increase your immunity    Relationships develop between most people  With soil after they die.    But developing a relationship is very important  With soil when you are alive.    I want to say now, especially now with this virus.    Believe me, you are among those who are  Some ways of contacting the soil,    Here we call this earth love service,    It means to be involved  Soil in a very loving way.    Well, your ability to survive,    Your ability to resist this type of attack  Your life will be greatly extended, greatly extended.    It’s not enough if you survive.    It is important that you live a strong life.    Strong living does not mean you grow up  Big muscles and someone dominating.    Survival means life is big here!    For this you need a body, which treats  As the whole planet expands,    That’s it. So it is too  The important thing is that you bring it.    Those of you who are here at the Sha Yoga Center,  We will set up some process for you    So that each of you,    At least once every three days, your hands  And foot soil is very important.    And no matter where you are    If you have a small patch in the garden    Or you can volunteer that  You will work in someone else’s garden.    Believe me, yes,

they will get free labor  But don’t think they’re getting more.    You’re getting a lot more because being connected to the soil will make a tremendous difference    To make your body work.    Keep your hands on the ground, very important.    Otherwise, those of you who are  To do very well    But do not want to be  Seen doing something,    Because it can make a mistake  Images for your prosperity,    You can take a mud bath.    Yes, this is also a way.    # 2 Eat more raw foods    Bring forty to fifty percent

Food in its raw form.    It is alive, it must be a living cell.    It can be a vegetable, it can be a fruit,  It could be nuts, it could be lentils.    At least forty to fifty percent, food  You must live to eat.    You eat dead food and you want to live –  This is a little difficult thing to do    Because you have to  Raise the dead now.    When you cook …  To digest food –    All ingredients  Necessary for digestion    Not alone in the body,  Food also carries these enzymes.    When you cook,  You are basically destroying these enzymes.    Minus enzymes when you eat,    Now we have to fight for the reconstruction of the body  The part that was destroyed,    And only then can it be digested.    Usually the first one, a and a  Half an hour after eating,    It lowers the body.    After that it gradually became healthy.  Did you notice it?    So for food energy, but we  Cooking in such a way    That it takes energy  The first hour and a half,    Only after that, slowly it comes back.    Anyway, good  Your digestion process is,    Yet you can never regenerate all enzymes  Which we cooked and destroyed.    Partly we can do it.    # 3 Take a shower before you go to sleep    Can be a common thing, just a shower.    Always shower before going to bed,  It will make a lot of difference.    Cold showers are probably harder in this weather  So you go for a

light shower.    Don’t go for a hot shower at night,  Go for a light shower. It makes you alert.    So you think oh I can’t sleep.  It doesn’t matter.    You sleep fifteen, twenty minutes or so  After half an hour, however, you will sleep better    Because it will take away some things.    Just don’t do it when you shower  You are taking away the dirt of the skin.    Did you notice    If you are very worried and anxious, whatever,  Feel the shower that you came out of    Almost taken over  Away from you Didn’t you notice it?    So it’s not just skin wash.    A lot of things happen.  When water is flowing over your


body.    This shower too  Early corn purification    Because more than 70%  Your body is actually water.    If you run water over it,    A certain refinement occurs  Which is beyond cleansing the skin.    # 4 Detoxify your body: Drink water carefully    You must take great care of the water    Because it is%

2% and  It has strong memories.    If I open this water,  Even without opening    If I say anything to this water,  I remember it.    Lots have been  Test this side;    So if you take this water from somewhere  Waterworks and pump it into your home    Let’s say it’s over fifty turns,    Forcibly … forcibly pumped  A certain energy that is accomplished naturally    And you are living twelfth  Apartment floor, so more emphasis up.    Now they are saying  If it goes through fifty turns,    About sixty percent  The water has turned toxic.    Instant

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