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The so-called elite residential hotel ‘Rose Garden

The so-called elite residential hotel 'Rose Garden


The so-called elite residential hotel ‘Rose Garden’ in the city’s crematorium is rampant in the lockdown. Various anti-social activities are going on in the midst of strict police operation. There is a lot of anger and tension among the locals about the issue.


It is learned that the locals have been alleging anti-social activities for a long time against Hotel Rose Garden located on the 3rd floor of Shahjalal Super Market in the cremation ground area of ​​Habiganj city. Earlier, the police had raided the hotel several times and arrested the girls along with their customers. But even after that their roaring trade is not stopping. Police recently arrested a young man and a hotel manager for allegedly raping a young woman.


On condition of anonymity, several tribals and traders said that the hotel was kept open even though the lockdown started on Monday due to the Corona situation. Even in the midst of a tough police operation, the trade is booming. Every day, young men and women are seen coming and going here. With the holy month of Ramadan looming, if this situation continues, there could be a backlash among devout Muslims.


They said the hotel authorities collected customers from different places in Habiganj district and outside the district through a class of brokers. For this the brokers were given a hefty commission. There is also another group of brokers employed by the authorities in the vicinity of the hotel. As soon as the police saw them, the brokers conveyed the news to the hotel manager. Upon receiving the news, the manager removed the young women who were engaged in immoral activities. News of the raid also reached people who had close ties to law enforcement. That is why many operations of the law enforcement agencies are in vain.


Sachetan Mahal thinks that the hotel should be permanently sealed to protect school-college students and adolescents from danger.


Asked about the allegations, Sohag Ahmed, an acquaintance of the hotel manager, admitted the earlier allegations and raids, but said the hotel was currently closed due to a lockdown.


When asked, Habiganj Sadar Model Police Station OC Mohammad Masuk Ali said, “Earlier, two people including the manager were arrested in a raid at the hotel.” The campaign is still going on.

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