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Morgan Freeman: I live here in Greenwood, Mississippi

Morgan Freeman: I live here in Greenwood, Mississippi

Morgan Freeman: I live here in Greenwood, Mississippi


Morgan Freeman: I live here in Greenwood, Mississippi and from the age of 7 to the age of 18 ♪ here I have overcome many obstacles. Started first grade, learned to drive, fell in love for the first time. I have crossed one more hurdle here. I have experienced death. My grandmother, my brother. We are all

going through this of course. Everyone suffers, but some people have a specificity that helps them fight grief. They are sure that they will see their loved ones in heaven again. For some of us it is not so easy. In fact this is the biggest question we ask ourselves. What will happen when we die? . Death Now I am embarking on an epic adventure to discover what we believe beyond death and why. Is there any
scientific support for the soul? I will learn the true purpose of the hereafter for the ancient Egyptians. Oh, my goodness, look at all this. Why the story of one’s rebirth was so powerful has spread around the world. Woman: This proves the resurrection of Jesus to be the Messiah. Freeman: How Hinduism Erased the Fear of Death. Man: I take it as an indispensable part of life. Freeman: And I will discover
how science is trying to capture the soul. Robot: I hope to become a perfect human one day. Freeman: To bring eternal life into this life. What is beyond death? How can any of us know? But some people think they did it because they are on the verge of death. Which way are you looking? David Bennett: This window is here with Jesus Christ in the lower corner. He is calming the storm. 198 198 In 1983
there was a storm about 25 to 30 feet off the coast of California and so we started to get in. and suddenly we fell into a 30-foot … fast … [finger pointing] … I slipped. And I looked up and there was the next one, and it just came over us. I was in the bow, it spread me towards the sea, and I was
simply swallowed and thrown like an angry doll. you just let go and you breathe in the salt water. And this, it’s quite a violent way to die. RE Freeman: No idea how deep it is? Bennett: I didn’t, I completely lost my consciousness about my body and the sea at the moment. ♪ ♪ Then I noticed this light. It was millions of pieces of light. . All in all colors, and they were all dancing and spinning, but one kind of star though one mind, it is infinite. Freeman: What did you think? Have you thought, or have you just experienced this feeling? Bennett: Well, I mean

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